ETA and its Jackups:
the Six Year Saga

The purpose of this website is to make "ETA and its Jackups: the Six Year Saga" freely available. It has been written by industry veteran Peter Lovie, inspired by questions from long time offshore drilling authorities about ETA’s pioneering jackup designs.

There’s a lot there in the 73 pages of this latest 16 May 2017 update to the Saga: anecdotes about coming to Texas and learning the lingo in the offshore drilling world of the 1970s, how a 29 year old immigrant started this upstart engineering outfit from nothing and in four years, with a team of brainy millennials, had secured a contract to design the world’s biggest jackups (Dyvi Beta and Dyvi Gamma, classed by DNV, delivered in 1976 and 1977). As history unfolded, 18 other jackups of ETA design were delivered during 1976-1983.

Separate parts of the Saga talk about the design philosophies behind what got built – the patented leg design with its cast steel joints - and the concepts that were awarded patents but did not make it past paper. It was also a time of unprecedented growth for the world’s jackup fleet, its builders and designers, followed by a downturn and a flattening out of growth from 1985 to today.

With 14 pictures, 14 diagrams and 12 tables, there’s a lot of substance. It is way too long to be published as a standard article in offshore industry trade magazines and is not sufficiently politically correct for them! Hence the Saga is self published on this website. It is in six parts:-

  • I ETA History & Anecdotes
  • II ETA Design Philosophies Behind the Jackups Built
  • III Brainstorms, Concepts and Patents: Paper Only!
  • IV Jackups Built from ETA Designs
  • V Worldwide Spread of Design Sources & Growth of Jackup Fleet
  • VI Wrapping Up

Initial feedback from real practitioners in the offshore industry has been positive:

“It was a wonderful read . . .

“ETA was quite an amazing story . . .

“Good sense of humor . . .

“You write extremely well in a very engaging and colorful manner - beyond what might be expected from a professional engineer . . .

“This is a marvelous history . . .

“Very much enjoyed your ETA story. Like you I am an immigrant and the "language”' and social order of the Texas oil field was quite new . . .

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Sixteen published items - magazine articles, patents, others – were listed in the Saga and are shown below, available for normal download, separate from the Saga: