Initial feedback from real practitioners in the offshore industry has been positive:

If, like I, you are interested in learning about energy options but know nothing of offshore exploration and “jackups” this book is for you. In it the author, Peter Lovie, whose early life began in Glasgow, Scotland will bring you to his new home in Houston, Texas, where he began his career in the world of offshore oil. You will meet other adventurous young people who joined Peter in their creative design efforts to create offshore “jackups”. You may not know what jackups are, but you have likely seen photos of some used in the North Sea, a demanding environment to be sure. Jackups are mobile structures with legs that can stand on the sea floor and conduct tasks of exploration performed by staff in the surface unit. You will learn of some engineering challenges confronting designers, such as how to ensure strength while reducing structural weight, and of some real world challenges faced by Peter in dealing with markets through times of dramatic change. Peter has been inducted into the Oilfield Energy Center’s Hall of Fame in Houston, placing him in company with world famous individuals in the industry. In reading Peter’s story you will be learning from one of the masters.

Richard Marshall